Patricia Newton

Pat Newton

As a child gazing into the dreamy landscapes painted by a favorite aunt, I decided early on that I wanted to explore painting with oils!  Although raising a family and a career slowed this goal down a bit, I continued to pursue lifelong dreams and began to paint. I have been painting with oils for over thirty years.

A career brought me to what became my second love……The Central Coast of California! I planted roots, worked hard, painted when time permitted and raised a family. I have been a resident of the Central Coast for over 30 years and paint whenever there is a spare moment!

My hopes and dreams are that each work of art I produce, go to a happy and loving home, because it feels a tiny bit of my soul goes with them.

I have always been intrigued by the essence of light, the luminosity of color, the expression of a face, a warm gentle breeze, the smell of citrus or salty air. My style is representational, utilizing a glazing technique of many thin layers to create a translucent effect that provides depth and emanates light from my paintings.

I am happy to work on commission projects to include portraits or something special for your office and home.  Orders can be taken by clicking here or by phone 805-423-1100. Please leave a message I am usually creating! I will return your call as soon as practical.

I can also be reached via E mail at: – If you have Questions, I have answers!

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