Portrait Commisions in Oil

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Portrait Commissions in oil

I have been painting with oils for close to 30 years. For Portraits I like to work from Photographs. For portraits over $400. I include a two hour photo session. I also provide guidance while my clients choose the perfect pose, position and smile.

Portraits are a journey, one that should be thoroughly enjoyed. Along the way I ensure plenty of updates. They are communicated, via email, especially during the final stages of any commissioned work. Attention to detail is paramount to ensure your total satisfaction.

Other commissioned work may include a favorite place, a pathway or even your own home.  Portraits can be done in just about any style or setting imaginable. A portrait could be of your Wedding Day, Mom & Baby, Favorite Pet, or of your favorite landmark, custom car or anything else! Create an heirloom that will last longer than a lifetime.

If you are considering a portrait for yourself or someone you love, give me a call or email and we can discuss the many options availiable!

Contact Patricia at:

805-423-1100 or email artbypatricia@tcsn.net

Visa, Mastercard and American Express Accepted for your convenience


Price List:

All prices include one person with Studio background.

size two tone color
8×10 $240 $300
11×14 $340 $400
12×16 $400 $450
16×20 $450 $500
18×24 $500 $550
15×30 $550 $600
20×24 $600 $650
22×28 $650 $700
24×28 $700 $750
24×30 $750 $780
30×40 $800 $800

Full Landscape Backgrounds add 25%
2 People, add 50% to canvas size on 12×16 or Larger
3 People, add 75% to canvas size on 15×20 or Larger
4 People, add 100% to canvas size on 18×24 or Larger
5 People, add 125% to canvas size on 18×24 or Larger

Prints are available.